Moving from Bash to Python

bash vs. python

When do you move from Bash to Python? When I realize the need to automate a process, or the need to create something in a consistent manner, my brain first turns to bash.  Bash is very easy to work with, and is remarkably consistent across linux systems.  Bash comes pre-installed on every major linux operating system, and most linux users are familiar enough with bash, that they will be able to follow your script and…

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How to Exit TigerVNC from Full Screen Mode

Make your connection to your remote vncserver.  I’m using TigerVNC. If you find yourself stuck in full screen mode, use the context menu to get back into a windowed mode. On linux, you can access the vncviewer menu by using “F8”, then select exit full screen option. If this does not work, on the client vncviewer, check the config file, under .vnc/default.tigervnc (if you are using TigerVNC check the line: “MenuKey=F8” and use the corresponding…

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